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“Pimp my mixer”  Volumech style!

Here at Volumech we love a challenge and we pride ourselves on our mixer refurbishments. When it comes to updating an aging fleet it can be extremely costly replacing old with new, we understand this and that is why over the past 10 years we have refurbished all manner of mixers to the highest standards. Each mixer has different requirements when it comes to a refurbishment and no 2 jobs are the same. We make it as simple as possible to cater for the vast array of repairs that are required. To start with one of our engineers will come to you and carry out a comprehensive inspection of your machine. 

Once we have worked through it with you we then get you booked into our schedule giving clear stage dates for the progression of the project. Once the vehicle is with us we then strip it to a bare shell removing every last pipe, wire, nut and bolt before the body is then removed from the chassis. The body and all of the associated parts are then steam cleaned before being shot blasted back to bare metal. After shot blasting the shell is wheeled into our fabrication shop where it is cut to pieces and further inspected to make sure no stone is left unturned whilst our dedicated “refurb minions” carry out all of the relevant repairs to both the body and all the parts. Once completed and signed off, the shell and all of the parts are sent next door into our onsite paint shop where they are made beautiful! The painting process alone takes 2 weeks as every last item is painted individually including the chassis, cab and wheels. Then its round to the rebuild workshop where all the new components are fitted and in a short while it emerges finished and shiny!


New Aggregate bin


Complete bare shell strip down




Shot blasting and Respray


Auger Replacement


Conveyor Replacement


Replacement wiring loom


Replacement pneumatic system


Over haul hydraulic system

We stock a large range of genuine Hatz replacement parts and filters to help keep your engine working as it should.

this combined with the very popular “Donkey engine hire” service means better back up and less down time.

“The England Rugby Truck!”

This mixer came to us as a 2007 Cemen Tech 8m150 which had been in service for 12 years. The original chassis had had its day and the mixer had produced a lot of metres of concrete! Upon the first first discussions with Mr Steve Phillips from Accumix Concrete Ltd it became very clear he wanted to create something special to celebrate the up and coming 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. We set out the criteria for the rebuild and listened to what he wanted both with regards to the running of the machine and the “Pimp My Mixer” element! We set about it as per usual, stripped it to a shell, cut most of it off and started from scratch! Working with Accumix we developed a list of alterations that were required such as;

  • Complete new hydraulic system
  • Complete new electrical and pneumatic systems
  • Complete new conveyor, auger and cement systems
  • Amongst a lot of other things…..

“Pimp my Mixer!”

The graphics on this vehicle had to create the WOW factor! We collated designs for the cab wrap, Accumix information along with the support for the England Rugby team, I think you will agree this makes for one very nice mixer!

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“What a Monster!”

This is a 2002 Reimer R12 unit mounted to a 2007 Volvo FM. The mixer itself was in a very poor state when we purchased it. Being nearly 15 years old it had seen much better days and was badly rotten and beaten. We set about stripping the mixer to a shell and removing it from the chassis. The main aggregate bin was cut off and scrapped and the cement bin was removed. We fabricated a complete new aggregate bin. The cement bin was completely overhauled including the customers logo as a window and rear top apron to keep the cement dust off the back.

We rebuilt the top light housings to incorporate custom top light pods, rear work lights and strobes. After being painted it was fitted with all new components including; conveyor, auger-with our own design of heavy duty lower bearing, all new hydraulics, electrics and far too much to list. Once mounted to the chassis it was fitted with custom aluminium storage boxes and full length shelves maximising available space for chutes and wheel barrows. Visit our face book page for a more detailed picture time line.

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“Off it’s side onto a Volvo!”

This mixer started life as a 2013 Cemen Tech 8m150 which we had acquired after it had been put on to its side. The main truck chassis and cab were a write off and the body was twisted. We removed the body from the original Renault chassis where we could see the extent of the damage clearer- we decided it was going to take something special if this mixer was going to be returned to its former glory and function correctly. We stripped the body to a shell removing the cement bin aswell, we cut the aggregate bin off down to the bin supports and could see that the chassis had a gentle curve of a twist in it. We decided to construct our very own mixer body jig, this comprised of 2x 500mm I beam chassis lgs to form the bed with the same I beam cross bars and diagonal braces. This now aloud us to fasten the chassis down and manipulate it to get it straight. Once that was done we set about rebuilding it as normal with a few of our own little twists which included a sliding chute rack mounted on the water tank, fibre feeder and a full width rear catwalk.

After the custom 3 colour paint job was carried out the mixer was mounted to this rather lovely Volvo FM12 and fully rebuilt to our usual high standards!

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“The Bully!”

This mixer started life as a 2000 Cementech 6m150, that is until we got our hands on it! The owner has had this truck since it was 2 years old and has poured a lot of concrete with it. The mixer was at the end of its life and in need of a major refurbishment. After a couple of meetings we worked with the customer to create something very special. We completely redesigned the main aggregate bin altering the angle of the sides to help eliminate sand bridging whilst maintaining the desired 6 cubic metre capacity.

We redesigned the hydraulic system to make it electrically controlled incorporating a wireless remote control and batch computer. Every single component was replaced making this machine “as new” but all of this pales into insignificance when we set about creating its bespoke look. This truck was fitted with 44 side markers, bespoke stainless steel rear light clusters, top cement bin lights, not to mention the Kelsa upper and lower light bars. That coupled with a custom stainless steel twin exhaust stack and caricature cement bin window made this one awesome project to be involved in! The spec list for this project was massive and cannot be justified in this short paragraph so why not give us a call for more information and to see how we can do this for you!

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As refurbishments go, this was a nice straight forward project. This customer has owned this 10 year old Cementech 8m150 from new and decided he wanted to update the fleet. It was decided that the mixer needed freshening up and remounting on to a very fetching brand new Volvo FMX chassis- so we did! The main aggregate bin was still in very good condition so it was left alone apart from some small repairs. We concentrated on the mechanical components replacing the conveyor system, auger, cement drive system and all hydraulic hoses. As we worked our way through it we were given the chance to give it the Volumech touch with top cement bin lights and stainless steel control covers before it was painted this lovely red and fitted the new chassis. As part of the spec we fitted internal electric vibrators to the centre divider and above the sand gate to help move the sand when it got a bit sticky. We took care of all of the relevant IVA testing required for new vehicles and it was presented back to the customer ready to work complete with sign writing. Why not speak to us about remounting your mixer to update the chassis.

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“The Cow Catcher!”

This 2006 Reimer R10 came to us in need of a lot of work. The main aggregate bin was so badly rotten that you could almost push straight through it, so it had to go! After the mixer was wheeled into the fabrication workshop it was set about with the plasma cutter and there was not a lot left afterwards! We built a single aggregate bin as the customer uses mixed ballast so it made it easier for them. The conveyor and associated components were replaced and a new Hatz power pack was fitted amongst a lot of other things. We fitted quick release couplings to the main auger pipes and chute ram pipes aswell to make it easier to remove the auger in the future.

A new auger assembly was also fitted along with our own design of lower auger bearing coupled to a Lincoln autolube system. We got the chance once again to customise it in a few different ways; full length aluminium, chequered plate shelfs were fitted to compliment the rear wings, top rear light clusters and apron were added to the cement bin and the rear working lights were wired in such a way that they come on when the vehicle is put into reverse to give better vision at night. When the cab was painted all of the grilles, both door handles and mirrors were colour coded- even the wiper arms were done! You will be forgiven for not noticing this behind the “Cow Catcher” front light bar complimented by the Kelsa roof bar! This is one eye catching vehicle that will have many years’ service left in it.

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“4 and counting!”

This 2002 Reimer R12 mounted to a 2005 Scania P380 is the 4th refurbishment under taken for Amac Concrete. We supplied this vehicle to the customer complete and ready to work. After 13 years operating these mixers Tony has set his vehicles set out very well and all in the same way to help the operators in their work. When we were building this one we were only too familiar with how he liked his vehicles so we made sure the build met his exact criteria.

The unit underwent a no expense spared refurbishment with such things as a complete new aggregate bin, complete new wiring loom along with stainless steel control box, all new hydraulic pipes and main pump to name but a few things. At the front of the aggregate bin we fitted some LED work lights which shine down either side of the truck, they were wired in such a way that they came on with the reverse lights to help night vision. We made a working platform with fold up ladder at the front of the chassis to give optimum access to the new Hatz power pack which was mounted next to the new water tank. To help with servicing we fitted a remote sump drain for that Hatz engine to the front walkway and supplied a removable pipe. On each side of the chassis was mounted an aluminium chequered plate box so as the driver could keep all of his extra equipment together. For more information on this build contact The Mixer Fixer on 01452 302050.

Catering for all accident damage to fire damage and even ” rolling into a ditch ” damage as you will see from the pictures below.

Alongside our refurbishments

We can also help you with accident damage to your mixer- anything from minor damage to fire damage, and even “rolling into a ditch damage”! We undertake all the work in our specially tailored workshop, dealing with the insurance company direct and we can even source a hired replacement machine to keep your down time to a minimum. All parts used for the repairs meet and/ or exceed OEM specification.  This truck was put on its side into a ditch damaging the main aggregate bin, cement bin, water tank and main chassis of the mixer. We had to totally strip the mixer so that the chassis could be straightened, we also manufactured new aggregate bin and cement bin, mounted and then reassembled the mixer, returning it to an as new condition. So if the unthinkable happens let us help you get back on track as quickly as possible.



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